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My camera is an extension of my heart. It is also my voice. There is beauty in everyday things, in the small moments filled with tiny nuances that beg to be explored. I love taking pictures of it all, and find a full palette to create art in the smiles of people, emotive connections, flora and fauna. While being a photographer is my creative love, it also shares space in my heart with a deep fascination and appreciation of the natural world around us. In my spare time when I am not fulfilling my love of photography, you will find me at the beaches watching for orcas that frequent our Island waters. I am also a marine naturalist and work part time at Orca Network as well as volunteering with several conservation organizations to help photograph these amazing creatures for their archives and media. I love spending time with my family and dog Daisy, Halloween, beer flights, hiking the Island trails, gardening, Glassybaby, kayaking, and going on adventures in our travel trailer. I've lived on Vashon for almost all of my life, met my husband here in high school, and feel all the feelings having raised our daughter in the same stomping grounds where we had our childhoods. It's a unique and beautiful place this Island life we share, please feel free to reach out with your photo needs, I would love to meet you!  

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